Jeanie Bulko-Fey, 54 years old of Strawberry was arrested on Monday after an initial claim was made of an argument with a roommate turned into an argument with law enforcement. According to Sharp County the women was arrested at her home on suspicion of battery on a household member, resisting arrest, assault on a police office among other charges. Officers noticed the strong smell of intoxicants while attempting to conduct their interview.

Things began to really take a turn for the worse when a dog on the property began biting at the officer’s clothing and then the suspect tried to give the dog commands to attack the officer. Bulko-Fey was arrested for alledgedly striking a male in the face as he tried to defend himself.

The officer then put the woman in his vehicle which contained his K-9 partner inside a kennel. As the female was being transported to the Sharp County Jail the K-9 began barking and the officer noticed the suspect had slipped the cuffs off trying to put her hands inside the kennel and was spitting at the dog. The report states the female was trying to make the dog bite her and threatening to sue the department if this happened.

The officer gave verbal commands for the female to stop her actions but when the woman refused to comply the officer had no choice but to stop the vehicle. As the officer was attempting to replace the restraints on the female, a passerby stopped and offered assistance. The officer removed the female and she began to struggle and at some point began slamming her head on the patrol vehicle. As she was hand cuffed once again she then proceeded to kick the officer in the groin according to the report.

After thanking the citizen that stopped and helped who was later identified as Jefferson Broyles 26 of Smithville it was discovered that Broyles was himself a wanted felon with outstanding warrants in Sharp County. The deputy informed Broyles he too was under arrest. Jefferson Broyles was also taken to Sharp County along with Jeanie Bulko-Fey.

The two were booked into the Sharp County Jail, Bulko-Fey for an assortment of charges and Broyles on his outstanding warrant.