At 1:20 pm the Walnut Ridge Fire Department received a report of a plane with landing gear problems attempting to land at the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport.

Walnut Ridge Fire responded with several engines, a rescue truck and brush truck. Reports stated there were 3 individuals on board the private plane.

Firefighters arrived on scene and described a smaller white plane circling the airport. Hoxie Fire Chief Chris Ditto responded to assist Walnut Ridge Firefighters and also placed the Hoxie Fire Department on standby to cover any additional calls or needs in the Walnut Ridge area.

Medical units from both Medic One and AET Ambulance were staged at the request of Chief Frank Owens.

At 1:34 pm reports from the airport stated the plane was descending and attempting to land. At 1:35 pm Chief Frank Owens of the Walnut Ridge Fire Department announced the plane had landed and all on board were reported safely on the ground.

Walnut Ridge Fire staged at the entrance to the runway as the plane came to a stop. No word on the exact mechanical problem of the plane involved.

At 1:41 pm all Walnut Ridge units and all ambulances were released from the scene and back in service.

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