A warning for 1st Responders and Law Enforcement is being circulated by social media after being released by Independence County Dispatch.

Earlier this week on Interstate 430 in Little Rock two nurses stopped to assist what appeared to be a motorcycle accident, As the nurses approached the male subject got up and dropped a weapon on the ground. The subject then fled the scene.

Authorities believe the subject may have staged the accident to do harm or rob people stopping to assist. Authorities in Independence County released a warning for all responders to approach with caution, this warning has been shared by both the Swifton Fire Department and Cave City Fire and Rescue locally.

While no incidents like this have been reported locally, dispatch centers are releasing this as a warning of what is being descried as a possible ambush. No description of the male suspect or motorcycle was released with this information.

Law Enforcement and Fire Responders called to wreck scenes often arrive alone and could be minutes ahead of their fellow responders or back up. While these officers and responders do have radios, they are still sometimes one on one with individuals which could create a danger. If you see anything suspicious you are urged to report it to your local law enforcement. The same warnings hold true for travelers stopping for stranded motorist or possibly staged accidents like the one this week on Interstate 430 in Little Rock.

We stress that there have been no reported incidents in Lawrence County or any surrounding county.

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