Rep. James Ratliff of District 60 met today along with Walnut Ridge Mayor Charles Snapp, Walnut Ridge Fire Chief Frank Owens and potential new business operators in Walnut Ridge concerning the possibility of some 155 new jobs coming to the area.

According to Representative James Ratliff the potential new business has met with local land owners concerning a future facility that would manufacture rebar material. According to Ratliff requirements for this new industry include access to a 4-lane highway and access to the railroad, Ratliff stated both of these requirements were met here in Lawrence County.

An estimated 10 million dollars in payroll would accompany the 155 new jobs created by this opportunity. Ratliff stated they were not ready to reveal the name of the corporation but forward progress was expected in the venture.

Ratliff went on to state that Lawrence County and District 60 were experiencing steady promising growth that will continue to better the area with tax revenue and new jobs.

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