57 year old Pam Digman plead guilty to 2nd Degree murder charges on Friday for the January 2014 killing of her husband Jerry Digman at their home in central Arkansas. Jerry Digman was shot 5 times by Pam Digman who at first claimed self defense but changed her story as prosecutors were preparing to play in court her recorded interviews with Pulaski County Deputies conducted the day she reportedly shot and killed Jerry Digman.

Pamela Digman was originally charged with 1st Degree Murder but dropped to 2nd Degree Murder, a plea agreement negotiated by the defense attorney brought a lengthy evidence suppression hearing to a sudden close as the plea was entered as guilty.

56 year old Arkansas State Parks Chief Ranger Jerry Digman was found on a mattress in the living room of his home shot 5 times.

Defense attorneys challenged several aspects of the investigation unsuccessfully including evidence seized from the home belonging to Pamela Digman. The defense also tried unsuccessfully to block testimony of high school friends of Pamela Digman. Testimony from the friends alleged Pamela Digman had complained about her marriage and stated she had taken a job involving travel to avoid her husband of 30 years.

Deputies found Google searches on Pamela Digman’s computer with search terms “if you accidentally kill someone to prevent suicide is that a crime?” and “Are suicide attempts a felony?” other searches included “accidental murder” and “Arkansas Domestic Violence Laws”

In exchange for her guilty plea, the prosecutor recommended a sentence of 6 years with a 14 year suspended term.

Jerry Digman was from Walnut Ridge, a former candidate for Lawrence County Sheriff, a retired lieutenant from the Arkansas State Police serving security for Gov. Bill Clinton and Jim Guy Tucker and was the Arkansas State Parks Chief Ranger at the time of his murder, he is buried just outside Walnut Ridge.