On Monday Mayor Charles Snapp of Walnut Ridge along with Williams Baptist President Tom Jones made a major announcement at a news conference held at the former Walmart store located on Hwy 67B.

The former Walmart building owned by Williams Baptist College has been sold to an investment firm that will soon be opening a Tractor Supply in the building. Tom Jones with Williams Baptist College said the sale of the building will mean funds for a new residence hall at the Walnut Ridge campus, secondly the new retailer Tractor will be a welcome new business to the area.

Mayor Snapp added that an estimated 15-20 new jobs will be created in Walnut Ridge along with an addition to the tax revenue that will benefit the City of Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County. Mayor Snapp added this project has been in the works for more than a year. Mayor Snapp stated that cooperation between the City Of Walnut Ridge, Williams Baptist College and Lawrence County made this project possible.

Construction is expected to begin later this month. For more information on the City of Walnut Ridge visit www.cityofwalnutridge.com .