Shooting Suspect In Sharp County Found Dead


Sharp County Official’s are releasing information stating the suspect in Tuesday nights shooting and high speed chase was found dead today.

According to reports the body of Brandon Southerly was recovered in the Spring River by Hardy Police. Search dogs had led searchers to the river’s edge after the suspect fled from his vehicle after crashing in Tuesday nights police chase.

Search boats had been searching the area with boats and helicopters looking for the suspect. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies had assisted in the efforts after the suspect had an altercation in Lawrence County at the Imboden Dollar General Store then after the suspect traveled into Sharp County and alledgedly shot a resident Southerly came back into Lawrence County and parked at the gas station on Ravenden. Officers surrounded the station but the suspect fled in his vehicle at a high rate of speed back into Sharp County. Southerly wrecked his vehicle about a mile south of the Hardy City Limits.

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