Mayor Snapp released the May 16th Walnut Ridge City Council meeting agenda with business as follows….

Old business …
Frank Owens will provide an overview of the properties that have been mailed letter for clean-up.

Frank Owens will provide a list of the commercial properties being targeted for possible condemnation, or that have already been sent letters. I think we have 8, maybe 9 commercial buildings on that list, with only three or four different owners.

Frank will be making this presentation in like of our current Code Enforcement officer turning in his resignation.

New Business …
Resolution in support of the Future Interstate 57 status for U.S. Highway 67 from Interstate 40 to Walnut Ridge.

Resolution to allow the $12,500.00 we received from the sale of the 1985 fire truck, to be paid on note principal of the one we just purchased.

Frank Owens will explain the difference in the clean up ordinance and condemnation ordinance.

Council will be presented with the paperwork to allow the City to take down the building on highway 67 North, owned by JR Rogers. This is the final condemnation process. Some time last year, JR had asked to have until May 1 to tear the building down. It’s not down, so the next step is up to the city council. Since this email is going out today, I will go ahead and send JR an invitation to attend the meeting.

I will give you an update on a verbal proposal JR Rogers offered on the Old Barton’s Building, which I refused on behalf of the City. I’m assuming this came after the letter Frank and I sent JR, outlining the steps that would have to be taken to upgrade the building and bring it back to code.

Paperwork to permit the sale of the cities building on west main street, that was donated to the city by Annette Hilburn will be on the agenda, with a recommendation that the proceeds be used for capital improvements, like the next ball field at Stewart Park.

Charles E. Snapp, Mayor
Walnut Ridge, Arkansas