Judge Dale Freeman intends to file disaster declaration paperwork this week after the recent round of flooding across Lawrence County.


Freeman and the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Management have been out surveying county roads that sustained damage and initial reports state that there are many roads that are damaged and still many more that are still covered with water.


Freeman stated that the flooded Spring, Black, Cache and Strawberry Rivers along with the 8 plus inches of rain that fell in the western part of the county all contributed to the flooding.


At one time Lawrence County had some 16 roads closed in the county and numerous streets in Walnut Ridge, Hoxie and Ravenden due to the high water, although some of these are back open many remain closed. According to the County Judge it will be later this week before waters reside and other roads can be expected.


According to Little Rock the Governor has already issued State Declarations for some 21 counties and counting and Lawrence County expects to be included in this. Yesterday the Randolph County Judge announced a declaration for neighboring Randolph County which has similar damage.


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