According to Lawrence County Clerk ,Tina Stowers when the filing period ended on Monday there were more contested seats then anyone could remember in recent history. Every Justice of the Peace position with the exception of one is being contested. Other races include State Representative, County Judge, Sheriff and numerous Constable filings. The filing period for the March Preferential Primary ended on Monday at noon.

The 2016 Preferential Primary will be held on March 1, 2016.

The 2016 General Elections will be held on November 8, 2016.


State Representative
Rep. James Ratliff, District 60 -Democrat
Frances Cavenaugh- Republican

County Judge
John Thomison- Democrat
Dale Freeman- Democrat

Jeff Yates- Democrat
Richy Thatcher- Democrat

County Clerk
Tina Stowers- Democrat

Circuit Clerk
Michelle Evans- Democrat

Marilyn Crafton- Democrat

Tax Collector

Stephanie Harris- Democrat

Tax Assessor
Becky Holder- Democrat

Robert Chris Warden- Democrat

Justice of the Peace

District 1
Buddy Williams- Democrat
Glenn J. Smith- Democrat
William “Bill” Powell- Independent

District 2
Donald Richey- Democrat
Franklin D. Brewer- Republican

District 3
Lewis Slaughter- Democrat
Lloyd W. Clark- Republican

District 4
Douglas Wayland- Democrat
Rose Ehrhardt- Democrat
Heath Davis- Democrat

District 5
Ernest (Junior) Briner- Democrat
Farrah Matthews- Democrat
Jeff Taylor- Republican

District 6
Nathan Crafton- Democrat
Ronald Ingram- Democrat

District 7
Tracy Moore- Democrat
Blaine Davis- Republican

District 8
Kenny Jones- Democrat

District 9
Alex A. Latham- Democrat
Tim Allison- Democrat


Black River Township
Jimmy Smith- Democrat

Black Rock Township
Lewis Slaughter- Democrat
Bryan Smith- Republican

Boas Township
Charlie Cook- Democrat

Cache Township
Ronnie Knight- Independent

Campbell Township
Wendell S. Jones- Democrat
Kenneth Fears- Democrat

Dent Township
Timothy P. McComas- Democrat

Duty Township
Jim King- Independent

Marion Township
Joshua Light- Democrat

Reed’s Creek Township
Hunter Durham- Republican

Doris Thomas – Republican

Lawrence County District Court
Judge Adam G. Weeks