Concerns about a potential hazard at the Hwy 63 railroad crossing have been posted to social media with hopes of citizens getting involved and raising enough awareness that the railroad will take notice and repair a potentially dangerous situation.

According to reports the damaged crossing on Hwy 63 is causing motorist to change lanes into oncoming traffic to avoid the rough and damaged part of the crossing. Motorist and citizens are urged to call the Emergency Number posted at the crossing and report the hazard, this process takes just 60 seconds and could save a life.

The BNSF Emergency Number listed is 1-800-832-5452, according to the post you will be asked for a DOT Number identifying the crossing, that number is 667939N.

Concerns for this crossing have been voiced in the past, not only the condition of the concrete crossing but also the malfunctioning lights at the crossing. The Ravenden Volunteer Fire Department along with Ravenden Police have had to spend many hours warning traffic when the crossing lights have malfunctioned at the same crossing.