In a conversation with Chief Chris Kirksey of the Walnut Ridge Police Department, the chief offered details for the WR Amnesty Program for Misdemeanor Fines and Warrants.

Judge Adam Weeks, Police Chief Chris Kirksey, Mayor Charles Snapp, City Attorney Nancy Hall and City Prosecutor Ryan Cooper have agreed to the following guidelines for the amnesty program for the City of Walnut Ridge.

For the city of Walnut Ridge, here is how Judge Weeks amnesty program will work:If a subject received a misdemeanor ticket, or fine in the past and forgot to pay it and did not show up for court, a Failure To Appear (FTA) warrant would have been issued. The cost of the FTA warrant is added to the price of the original ticket. It’s not uncommon for people to have multiple FTA warrants, each adding to the financial burden. Most of the time a persons Divers License is suspended when an FTA is issued.

Under this Amnesty Program Judge Weeks has agreed to dismiss at least one of the FTA warrants and the Judge will review the case and considered dismissing multiple FTAs.

Additionally, for those who come forth and want to become productive citizens, Judge Weeks will consider reinstating their drivers license, by error, which will save the person an additional $100.

In an associated statement, Mayor Snapp stated: “Judge Weeks amnesty program makes sense. It rewards those who want another chance and will also help the city (WR) with their efforts to clean up their books.”

An alphabetical listing of the subjects who qualify under the Amnesty Program is available for viewing at WR City Hall, or the Walnut Ridge Police Department. To obtain the list via email, please send your request to Chief Chris Kirksey at

At this time the Walnut Ridge version of Judge Weeks Amnesty Program is scheduled to end at midnight May 31, 2015.