Explosions that have been heard around Lawrence County in the last few weeks finally has an explanation from local authorities. The Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the Lawrence County Prosecutors Office and Lawrence County Dispatch have worked in conjunction since the events were originally reported.

The apparent cause of the explosions is what authorities call “Exploding Targets”, such targets can be purchased locally and if used according to the manufacturers specification on private property where no restrictions apply are legal to possess and use. According to an inquiry, the chemicals are legal to possess up to 50 pounds according to the ATF, Tannerite is a presized combination of Ammonia Nitrate and Aluminum Powder that is patented and sold as a kit for the exploding target. According to the ATF restrictions on transporting the chemicals do apply and the Tannerite Exploding Targets have been banned in some area such as National Parks under the supervision of the United States Forestry Service. What makes these kits legal is that neither of the components are listed as an explosive by themselves.

According to sources, the larger explosions heard around Lawrence County are the result of persons combining several of the mixtures and increasing the explosive, note this is beyond the manufactures recommendations and dangerous. According to the Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services some of these explosions have been heard for long distances and reports of windows shaking in the Imboden and Black Rock area have also been reported. After these explosions the Lawrence County Dispatch Center has received numerous calls reporting the loud sounds but no injuries or damages have been reported. Authorities have been notified of a possible location of the recent blast and suspected individuals have been reported but since the activities are legal at this time the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office has no reason to intervene. At this time the person or persons are using the targets on private property. The Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services made contact with the Sheriff’s Office and the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney once reports came in, Lawrence County OES also inquired with the ATF and the local vendor about the product.