On Wednesday Feb. 25th, Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Yates along with Investigators for the 3rd Judicial Drug Task Force and Arkansas Probation and Parole made a home visit in Portia after investigators from the 3rd Judicial Drug Task Force received a tip of illegal activity at the home of Shannon Workman. Workman was called to the Walnut Ridge office by his probation officer and told officers would be doing a search of his home. Authorities took Workman to his residence on Crossroads in Portia, according to reports upon arriving Workman told officers that he had several firearms in he residence, possessing firearms is a violation of the subjects probation.

Authorities discovered firearms located n seven different locations in the residence including in closets, underneath pillows on the bed and hidden behind doors. Workman claimed the firearms were for his own protection, investigators seized the firearms and Workman was arrested and charged with Possession of Firearms by certain persons and transported to the Lawrence County Jail.

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