In a meeting called today by Mayor Charles Snapp, the City announced not only it’s choice for Police Chief but also named a Drug Interdiction Officer. Captain Chris Kirksey was named today as the new Chief of the Walnut Ridge Police Department and Officer Bubba Blackwood was named as the departments Drug Interdiction Officer.

In a phone conversation with Mayor Charles Snapp we were told that as a committee narrowed the applicants for chief that two candidates emerged with training and talent that the city believed would be helpful in the department. Mayor Snapp said he has spoke with Mayors, Police Chiefs, the Sheriff and County Judge and all agreed that with Chris Kirksey’s leadership ability and Bubba Blackwood’s knowledge and expertise in the narcotics field would be the best choices for the city. Snapp added that he expects Blackwood will work with neighboring departments and the county in an effort to curve the drug sales and use not only in Walnut Ridge but also is surrounding cities.

Mayor Snapp continued by saying that he excited about the direction the Walnut Ridge Police Department is headed in the future. Mayor Snapp and his wife Jackie Snapp also made a donation of $500 today to be used by the Drug Interdiction Department of the Walnut Ridge Police Department as buy money. Snapp said this would help jumpstart the program and added that he intends to work with the department on new equipment such as new tasers and new surveillance equipment.

The position of Police Chief became vacant after the January 20th resignation of former Chief Richy Thatcher, Snapp appointed Glendal Floyd as Interim Chief while a committee took applications and reviewed them. Applications were taken through the first week of February.

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