Detectives today released still images from surveillance video of a person of interest in a recent burglary in Lawrence County.

On January 10th the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Craighead Electric on Hwy 412 outside Walnut Ridge, a neighbor reported a possible break in that morning. Deputies arrived to find that a piece of metal had been removed from the building to gain access and a part of the fencing had been cut. Deputies and investigators followed a set of tracks from the rear of the facility and soon discovered a truck belonging to the business stuck in a field. Nearby the investigators discover two rolls of copper wire and a chainsaw partially covered with grass that had been taken from the business.

Once a representative from Craighead Electric arrived, deputies and investigators began an inventory of the truck and building finding that several items were missing from the truck. Offices in the business had been gone through and a main power line in the building had been cut at the breaker box.

Once inside the building, authorities discovered a yellow Stanley brand crow bar laying in the floor, Craighead Electric employees stated that it did not belong to the company. Investigators recovered the evidence and noticed the bar looked new. Investigators then began looking into what retailers carried this particular brand of tool discovering that only Wal-Mart Stores in the area carried it.

Investigators contacted the local Wal-Mart in Walnut Ridge and inquired about a sale of such an item, ironically just hours before the break in a similar tool was sold. Wal-Mart video shows a Caucasian male purchasing the tool, investigators hope with help from the public this person can be identified and interviewed.

Take a close look at the photos, if you have any information on the person in the pictures, contact Detective Andrew Turner with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at 870-886-2525 or .


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