The Imboden City Council met Friday at 9 am for a special meeting, during the meeting the official announcement was made appointing longtime Assistant Chief Jim Jones to the position of Fire Chief.
Jones who began his fire career at the age of 16 was made an official member of the fire department in 1966, in a conversation with Jones after the meeting he reflected on the days of when the fire department was located at the corner of Hwy 63 and Main street with it’s only truck being a 1939 open cab Chevrolet. Jones also remembers when Imboden purchased it’s first new truck in 1968, the truck is still owned by the fire department and housed in the city shop. Jones has been a continuous member of the department since 1968 with the exception of 2 1/2 years in which he served in the military. Jones was appointed to Assistant Chief in 1973 by then Chief Ray Poteet and has served in that position since.
According to Jones, the fire district rating was a Class 8 for years but added when the BRTC Fire Training Center was opened the department began training which along with constant improvement in the cities water system and better equipment helped to lower the department to a Class 4. Imboden is the smallest Class 4 Department in the state, Jones added that the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department is very closed to achieving it’s Class 3 and expects very soon to completing this saving home and business owners money on their homeowners and business insurance.
Jones also confirmed that the Imboden Station 2 is near completion in Annieville and will soon have a truck stationed in it for quicker response times in the area. Jones said another key to the Imboden Fire Department’s success is the growing number of firefighters and the commitment his firefighters have put forth toward their training. Imboden currently has 29 active firefighters on it’s roster. Jones also stated his department was blessed to have one Paramedic and four EMT’s on the department helping with the increased number of medical calls the department receives.
Jones said he appointed former Captains Joe Chappell and Randy McFadden as his Assistant Chiefs, other officers on the department are Captains Chris Jones, Steve Jones, Billy Powell, Robert Stallings and Lieutenants Creston Hutton, Gene Ponder and Chris Griffin.
Jones also wanted to remind residents of the 2015 Fire Dues, $36 yearly and these can be paid to the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department P.O. Box 487 Imboden Arkansas 72434. Residents who live within the city limits have their fire dues on their water bills.
According to Jones, the Imboden Volunteer Fire Department responded to a total of 198 calls in 2014 including 12 structure fires, 12 motor vehicle accidents and 118 medical calls. Imboden also has a mutual aide agreement with the Ravenden Volunteer Fire Department, the agreement sends each department to help the other in the event of a structure fire therefore adding additional man power and equipment if needed.
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