A contract with the military and the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport is set to expire on March 1st 2015 without being renewed according to reports.

Walnut Ridge is among other airports in Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas that may also be losing fueling contracts. Airport officials are still pressing to hopefully renew this contract through political channels.

According to minutes from the most recent airport meeting, the airport would need to sell 50,000 gallons of fuel to retain it’s contract but according to statements on about half of it’s annual 67,000 gallons goes to the military. The fuel used is for training missions conducted by the National Guard.

According to airport management, this would be a major setback but the airport would carry on even without the contract. We will continue to follow the appeals of the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport in hopes that the contract will be extended.

For more information on the Walnut Regional Airport visit www.walnutridgeairport.com .