At 11:56 pm Friday night, the Lawrence County Dispatch was notified by an Arkansas State Trooper of a pursuit leaving Ravenden headed 63 south towards Imboden. The pursuit began after the Arkansas State Police tried to initiate a traffic stop. The description given was a passenger car driving at a high rate of speed with Missouri tags. Dispatch notified Lawrence County Deputies of the location of the pursuit. At 11:58 the chase entered the Imboden city limits continuing at a high rate of speed.

Lawrence County officers were directed the bridge south of the Rest Area on Hwy 63 to deploy spike strips, at 12:02 the chase was at the area of the rock crushers between Black Rock and Imboden continuing south bound at a high rate of speed. At 12:04 the suspect driver avoided the spike strips and continued south toward Portia. Walnut Ridge Police and Hoxie Police were notified and headed toward the pursuit.

at 12:07 the pursuit was reported to be south of Portia in the area of Heard Market, at that time officers reported the suspect vehicle had wrecked out. At 12:08 additional county and city units arrived on scene. Officers reported they had one of two suspects in custody and the second suspect at gun point. Moments later officers report both were in custody, a medical unit was called to the scene to check for injuries. No officers were injured in the incident.

The identity of the two suspects has not been released, the two were transported to the Lawrence County Jail. The agencies involved were the Arkansas State Police, Lawrence County Sheriffs Office, Walnut Ridge and Hoxie Police Departments.

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