On October 9th just after midnight, Lawrence County deputies received a call from the Hoxie Police Department in regards to a female reporting drug activity at the Ole Hickory Motel in Hoxie. According to the affidavit the female stated her boyfriend had went to room 8 to buy Hydrocodone pills from suspect Derek Hamilton, instead of the pills the suspect allegedly purchased a 1/4 gram of meth. The female advised that she was concerned due to that fact there were children present inside the room.

According to deputies, a criminal background was run of the suspect identified as Derek Hamilton, Hamilton was currently showing to be on probation. Officers contacted his probation and advised about the complaint they had received, his probation officer advised he had not shown up for his scheduled meeting and advised officers to place a hold on him if contact was made. Officers also discovered that Hamilton had dozens of outstanding warrants out of Trumann and two warrants out of Jonesboro.

Officers decided to make an attempt to make an undercover buy at the motel room while also attempting to identify the suspect after viewing a photo of Hamilton. Undercover officers approached the door and knocked, they observed a female later identified as Ashley McCoy looking out the blinds. As the door was opened, undercover officers noticed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the room. Undercover officers ask the female if Derek was in the room, according to reports the male then came out of the room. As undercover officers made contact and identified the suspect as Hamilton, they asked if he had and Hydrocodone for sale stating they had heard from a mutual friend that he had the pills. Another male was also in the room, identified as Jarrel Washington exited the room as the undercover officers talked with Hamilton who claimed he was not selling drugs. As officers continued to speak to the suspects, the two males began to make movements concerning the officers and causing safety issues. At this time officers identified themselves stating to Hamilton that he was under arrest for the Trumann and Jonesboro warrants. As Hamilton was being detained the second male began to argue with officers about the arrest, Washington was then detained as well.

Officers entered the open door of the motel room after detaining the two males and discovered not only McCoy still in the room but another female and male identified as Jeremy Thomas and a second female still in the room. All the occupants were ordered out for the room as officers began to search the room once receiving consent after observing the strong odor of marijuana. Hamilton was searched, officers found two Hydrocodone pills in a cigarette pack on his person, Washington was found to have baggies of marijuana and a used needle on his person. During the search of the room, officers found numerous paraphernalia items along with a marijuana cigarette and a small bag of marijuana. During the search of McCoy’s purse, officers discovered two hydrocodone pills.

All four suspects were arrested and advised of their rights before being taken to the Lawrence County Jail for a bond hearing and court date. An 18 year old female was released without charges from the scene. The remaining 4 were transported to the jail.