Former Pocahontas Judge Bob Castleman is due in a U.S. District Court on Monday where his case is scheduled to be heard by U.S.District Judge Leon Holmes at 9 am.

Castleman who faces 27 to 33 months in prison on drug charges and also lost his law license will also hear testimony concerning a witness in his case that was found dead just days before he was to testify.

Travis Perkins’ body was found in an apartment near Pocahontas just days before the trial, Castleman’s son Robert testified as part of a plea deal that his father killed Perkins. Although Bob Castleman does not face murder charges at this time, testimony from several experts is expected from Firearm Examiner’s from the Arkansas Crime Lab, representatives from the Arkansas Department of Corrections and Patrick Glass from the Arkansas Forestry who is expected to give testimony on gunshots found in a tree on Castleman’s property estimated to have been made between Oct. 2012 and April 2013.

Castleman, who was convicted and found guilty in 2013 for Conspiracy To Manufacture Meth also had a prior conviction for mailing a live copperhead snake to a man in an attempt to cause harm or death according to his conviction.

Documents filed in U.S. District Court state that expert witnesses will present evidence on the tree trunk littered with gunshots on Castleman’s Property and the codefendant in the case testifying against Castleman, stating that 63 year old Bob Castleman murdered Travis Perkins, one of seven people charged in the earlier drug case.

We will continue to update this as information becomes available.