Lawrence County Deputies were dispatched to a residence in Powhatan late Sunday evening after medics from AET Ambulance responded to an injured male at 4434 Hwy 25. Medics on scene requested law enforcement after not only finding a male subject severely beaten but also the suspect was still on scene and attempting to cause further harm to the injured male.

Deputies arrived to find the suspect James Reid, 57 years old of Jackson County sitting in a recliner in the victims house, the suspect had a strong odor of alcohol, the suspect was acting belligerent towards officers and was escorted outside for questioning as medics continued to attempt to stabilize the injured 65 year old victim. A medical helicopter was called for, Black Rock and Lynn Fire Departments were called upon to set up a landing zone in the area.

According to witness statements, a friend of the victim drove to his residence after not being able to make contact by phone, finding the victim injured and called for medical assistance. The witness also stated the suspect stated that he’d been pouring moonshine on the victims wounds and speaking with him after the assault. The suspect also claimed the incident started over a firearm, investigators later found two firearms in the area but could not confirm that they were involved.

Statements were taken from witnesses, medics and several law enforcement officers who heard the suspect boast about causing injury to the victim. Reid was arrested and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing. The investigation is still ongoing by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Division, the condition of the victim is unknown at this time, he was flown to an area hospital for treatment.

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