August 28, 2014 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested
Lacy Burns, age 44, of Walnut Ridge. The arrest comes after Lawrence Memorial Hospital ER called the Sheriff’s Office about a woman in the ER with stab wounds and that had been severely beaten.
Deputies went to the ER and spoke with the female victim. Burns was also at the ER with the victim. The victim and Burns started out saying the woman was attacked by an unknown male. Deputies had Burns wait outside with another deputy while they spoke with the victim. The victim told deputies that it was Burns who had attacked her and where the incident had occurred. Burns still told deputies that he had saved the victim. The scene was located and processed. Evidence gathered at the scene collaborated the victims story and disproved Burns story. Burns was placed under arrest and transported to the Lawrence County Jail. The victim was transported to St. Bernard’s in Jonesboro.

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