On Sunday July 20th, a Lawrence County Deputy received a tip from a concerned citizen reporting alleged drug activity by Anthony Shields, stating that Shields was selling meth and also allegedly injection it into another person. The deputy looked into the suspect and found that he was on SIS and had a suspended license.

Later on the deputy observed the suspect driving a vehicle in front of the Sheriff’s Office, the deputy followed the vehicle to Big Al’s on Hwy 67 and initiated a traffic stop. Shields was removed from the vehicle and detained for Driving on Suspended. The deputy then noticed two additional people in the rear of the car, a female and Michael Pickney. The deputy recognized Pickney from previous dealings and also knew he was on parole. At this time the deputy requested assistance from the Walnut Ridge Police Department, a backup unit was sent to assist the deputy. The driver, Anthony Shields was asked if he had anything illegal, he said no but continued to act nervous, the officers gained consent to search, a pill bottle with some type of residue was recovered from the vehicle. The Walnut Ridge Officer escorted Mr. Pickney to the Lawrence County Jail for a urine test, Pickney failed the test. Meanwhile Mr. Shields was asked about illegal drugs on his person or in his house. The deputy escorted the suspect to his residence at 320 SE 2nd Street in Walnut Ridge, once inside the deputy encountered a male identified as Christopher Burnside and a white female in a bedroom. The deputy noticed drug paraphernalia, marijuana residue and the strong odor of marijuana in the home. Burnside was arrested for the paraphernalia and transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.

Mr. Shields, who according to deputies was still acting nervous was once again questioned as to whether he had anything on his person. He once again denied it. Shields then kicked his leg and sat down. Once Shields moved, a purple bag containing three plastic bags with 6.5 grams of meth and some marijuana was found on the ground at his feet. Shields was then arrested and charged with Possession of Meth with intent to deliver, Driving on Suspended, Possession of Meth and Possession of Marijuana before being escorted to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing and court date.

For more information on the Walnut Ridge Police Department, visit www.cityofwalnutridge.com
For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .

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