Sheriff Dotson of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is putting out a warning tonight after the Lawrence County Dispatch was notified of an incident in the Sedgwick/Bono area of Hwy 63 where a male subject stopped a female posing as a police officer.

The report came around 8 pm on Monday night when a female traveling on Hwy 63 was pulled over by a dark colored Hummer H3 with blue lights in the grill and front window, a male suspect approached the driver and introduced himself as “Officer Spencer”, he then requested the female exit the vehicle and searched the female and the vehicle before letting her go. The suspicious female notified authorities, Lawrence and Craighead Deputies were dispatched to the area, the female driver was told her vehicle matched a vehicle involved in a burglary and she too was searched.

Lawrence County Dispatch called all local law enforcement agencies including Arkansas State Police Troop B and C as well as Bono PD to ask if any of their officers were out in a vehicle matching this description, they all replied no. Lawrence and Craighead County Deputies as well as Bono PD and Arkansas State Police converged on the area attempting to intercept the suspect vehicle.

The suspect was described as approx. 35 year old white male with a short brown hair and a short brown beard wearing a light blue polo shirt and khaki colored cargo pants and had a gold badge, he introduced himself as “Officer Spencer” driving a Black or Dark Blue Hummer H3 with blue lights in grill and windshield area.

If you have seen this vehicle please call the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office at 870-886-2525, if you are approached by this vehicle call 911 and drive to a well lit public area, do not stop for this vehicle.

Again, this happened in the area between Bono and Sedgwick area on Hwy 63 around 8 pm this evening. Officers are still in the area. Please report any sightings of this vehicle.

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