Sometime after 10:00 pm, May 10, 2014 , Saturday night, two ATV’s entered the Walnut Ridge Airport property on the north east side. While on the property the suspects damaged the runway lighting on several runways and destroyed some signage. It’s believed that the two vehicles exited on Hwy 34 heading toward Walnut Ridge.

The estimated damage to the airport is between $50-75,000.

The Walnut Ridge Airport commission met on Monday and approved a $1000 reward to be offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s).

Walnut Ridge Police Department investigators have requested assistance from the FBI in this case.

Investigators are also reviewing video footage from the airport security system in an effort to identify the all terrain vehicles and suspects involved in the damage.

Walnut Ridge Police Chief Richy Thatcher urges anyone with information on this crime to contact the Walnut Ridge Police Department at 870-886-6073 or email All reports will remain anonymous.


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