The meeting was held in the Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools Parent Center. The meeting was called to order by Amanda Stallings at 6:07pm.

Amanda Stallings read the minutes from the previous meeting: All approved.
April Rainwater read the monthly bank statement balance provided by Terri Smith.

Old Business

1. Bi-Laws
‒ Are complete. Amendments and additions can be made according to the requirements in the bi-laws.
2. Playground Carports
‒ Gordon and Jason Hickman are going to help level ground for the carports at on their own time when they find time.
‒ The deposit has been made on them.
‒ Mrs. Adams left a message with Mrs. Duncan that the Terra Cycle money would be available in June to help with purchases the carports.

3. Sound System
‒ The pa system discussed at the previous meeting was purchased. We used $1707 for the following equipment; Pa system with speakers that will connect 8 inputs and 8 wireless mics, a 2 year protection plan, a charging station with 8 rechargeable batteries, a 20pk of lithium batteries, and windscreen covers for the mics. The mics were used in a High School play. The whole system will be used during Art in the Park.

4. Art in the Park
‒ Shelia Deshazo explained “Art in the Park”. Event date: April 26, 2014. She will set a certain time for grades to perform. All grades will be performing. Performer will need to be there by 10am. Chris Murphy has been preparing the art work. Tammy and Tonya have been preparing the exhibit building in case of rain. The program will need volunteers to organize kids, and help hang art early in the morning. The Action Team at 1st Assembly of God will be there at 8m to help display the art. This is the art that is usually at the awards assembly. James Presley will also be hosting an Alumni baseball game with concession stand.

5. Mega Party
‒ Will be May 2nd
‒ Tammie Bradley and Becky Foreman are recruiting volunteers.
‒ PTE will pay for the event. Becky said it will be $880

New Business
1. Graduation donation check have been made out $50 for Kindergarten, $100 for High School.
​Mrs. Candi Yarbro was given the $50 donation at the meeting.

2. Joe Wallis asked if the PTE would be interested in running a concession stand at the Tri-County Blow Out on Sat. May 10th. The proceeds from the concession stand will go to the Gholson Family in honor of Brantley Gholson. The PTE voted to do the concession stand.

3. Our next meeting will consist of end of the year reports.

4. Voting Procedures.
‒ Amanda Stallings read the voting procedures from the bi-laws.
‒ Amanda Stallings began the procedures by turning in her resignation letter and nominated herself for the position as Treasure Jennifer Dail 2nd the nomination followed by Cheryl Hufstedler.
‒ April Rainwater nominated herself for President, Jennifer Dail 2nd the nomination followed by Cheryl Hufstedler.
‒ After a discussion, Valerie Matheny nominated herself as Secretary, Tammy Bradley nominated herself as Vice President, Jennifer Dail 2nd the nomination with no argument from the other members.

5. Mrs. Duncan gave us on update on Mrs. Crabbie Apple, the tree the 2nd grade planted.

All members enjoyed the food that was brought.

Meeting adjourned at 6:43, Amanda Stallings made a motion to close the meeting, seconded April Rainwater
Next Meeting May 19th , 2014 in Sloan-Hendrix Parent Center at 6pm, bring treats if you plan on attending.