2014 announcement

My name is Blaine Davis and I’m running for State Representative for District 60. I’ve lived in

Lawrence County nearly all my life. I’m the son of Coni Snapp Davis and Bill Davis of Walnut Ridge. I

learned from a young age that anything I got in this world, I would have to work hard for and earn. You

can expect me to work hard for this office as well.

I am currently self-employed and do computer work all over Lawrence, Randolph, and Sharp

counties. I have worked at the Meridian rock crusher in Black Rock, AR where I did everything from run

the scale and print tickets to sending out invoices and fix computers. From there, I went to work for

Garlock Rubber Technologies in Paragould.




Like many of you, I was once a Democrat. Many of you remember JFK with fondness. His brand

of the Democratic Party was how I was raised, but that part of the party has been left behind. I cannot

stand with that party any longer. Any party that votes to remove God from the party platform I don’t

understand any more. I can’t understand the spending of our children and grandchildren into

bankruptcy. I can’t stand by any longer as money is spent that we don’t have. There is no answer to the

simple question, “Where are we going to get the money to pay for this?” If Nikki and I spend money in

our household, we have to understand where it will come from. Why shouldn’t the same be true of any

form of government?

I’ll be talking to all of you about several issues that I find disturbing over the coming months of

the campaign. I’m in hopes that I’ll get to talk to each and every one of you about what concerns you

and how we can work to make it better. From common core to the private option, there is much to

discuss and much to fix in our state going forward. With your help we can move our state in a more

positive direction in the years to come.