Kristie Stallings read the minutes from the previous meeting: All approved.

Old Business

1. Bi-Laws
All members approved the bi-laws Article IX-XIII by signatures. Attached at the end of the minutes.
2. Playground Carports
‒ A leveled area is required. One in the Kindergarten playground and the other in the Elementary playground. A contact has been found to help level the areas. Potential date for completion March – April 2014.

3. Pom Poms
‒ An executive decision was made by the officers to donate the left over Pom Poms to the fans of the Jr. High District Tournament.

4. Literacy Day Feb. 28th has been moved to March 7th.

5. Sound System
‒ Amanda Stallings has been in contact with All Star Music and West Plain Music for pricing on equipment. She had print outs on pricing of equipment from different websites available at the meeting.

New Business
1. Art in the Park
‒ Shelia Deshazo explained “Art in the Park”. She will need the sound system by the date of the event. Possible event date: April 26, 2014

2. Mega Party
‒ Bobbi Duncan volunteered to discuss the Mega Party with Becky Foreman. And present her findings at the next meeting.

Several prizes were given to all that attended the meeting. Shelia Deshazo won the grand prize a silver greyhound pendant on a sterling silver chain.

All members enjoyed the food that was brought.

Meeting adjourned at 6:52pm, Amanda Stallings made a motion to close the meeting, seconded by Bobbi Duncan.
Next Meeting March 17, 2014 in Sloan-Hendrix Parent Center at 6pm, bring treats if you plan on attending.
Article IX​- Parliamentary Authority
​Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern meeting when they are not in conflict with the organization’s bi-​law.
Article X Standing Rules
​Standing rules may be approved by the Executive Board, and the secretary shall keep a record of the
​standing rules for future reference.
Article XII – Dissolution
​The organization may be dissolved with previous notice (14 calendar days) and a two-thirds vote of ​those present at the meeting. In the event of the dissolution of the organization, the net assets after ​payment of debts will proceed directly to Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools and divided evenly between ​the teachers of Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools.
Article XIII– Amendments
​These bi-laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting, providing that previous notice was ​given in writing at the prior meeting and then sent to all members of the organization by the secretary. ​Notice may be given by postal mail, e-mail, or fax. ​Amendments will be approved by a two-thirds vote ​of those present, assuming a quorum.
Approved February 2014

Our next meeting will be March 17th. We are asking those who plan on attending to bring a food or a drink.

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