The Imboden Area Charter School may have some future country and or rock stars in their

future, courtesy of the Fender Guitar Corporation. The school received a grant of free musical

instruments this year. Six new Fender acoustic guitar packs which include, the guitars, a gig bag,

tuner, stand, extra set of strings, and picks were delivered just before Christmas. The guitars are

used to allow the students to take free guitar lessons during school hours every other Friday.

Guitar instructor Mike McLeod said that while some students taking guitar have their own

guitars, some of the students who want to take the lessons do not, so this grant will be of great

benefit to them. Currently there are 14 students in grades Kindergarten-8th

guitar lessons every other Friday for approximately 40 minutes. Guitar lessons have been

available for the past four years, but this is the first time the school has been able to furnish

instruments for the students, thanks to this grant. The guitars are given to schools who are

selected from applications made to the Fender Guitar Corporation.

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