The Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office , LCSO Treasure Hunt is releasing more names to return unclaimed bond money .

The return of unclaimed bond money that is held by the Sheriff’s Office and will be returned to the rightful owner. Those listed are entitled to get 90 percent
of the bond returned and the money may only be claimed by the named person,. The bonder will need to present a photo ID.

Please stay tuned for further weekly releases by the Sheriff’s Office for more bonders who have unclaimed cash amounts.

Contact Debbie Burton with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office

Between the hours of 8:00 am -4:00 pm, Monday – Friday only.


Year of 2009
Andrew Pickett
Renae Mans
Martha Wilburn
Shane Williams
Wade Bowers
William Kevin Thompson
Roydanna Reando
Dallas Dodd
Steven Renbro
Sandra Hefner

Year of 2010
Junior Briner
Ken Doyles
Pauline Burleson

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