Sloan-Hendrix PTE Meeting                November 18, 2013

Members  Present

Amanda Stallings, President

Terri Smith, Treasure

Kristie Stallings, Secretary

Tammie Bradley

Bobbie Duncan

Candi Yarbro

Shelia Deshazo

Cheryl Hufstedler


7 Sloan-Hendrix Teachers/Aids of which 6 have children  attending Sloan-Hendrix: 1 Parent

The meeting was moved to the Parent-Center. The meeting  was called to order by President, Amanda Stallings at 6:20pm.


Kristie Stallings read the minutes from the previous  meeting: All approved.


Old Business



1. Outdoor Classroom Project


      • Mrs. Adams suggested the community businesses and school clubs adopt a section of the outdoor classroom.   This would help with not only development of the site, but with the   maintenance as well.
      • A December deadline for a grant is closing in.
      • An outdoor classroom survey was sent out to the entire   school. 8 teachers returned the form.
      • Candi Yarbro mentioned the county having free mulch.


2. Bi-Laws

  • A motion was made by Amanda Stallings: Seconded by Terri Smith for Article 2 and 3 in the bi-laws to be as followed
  • Article 2 – Purpose

This non-profit organization was established for  the purpose of supporting the Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools by building  relationships with parents, and teachers to better prepare Sloan-Hendrix  students for the future.

  • Article 3 – Members

Section 1. Any parent, guardian or other adult involved  in a student’s life at the school may be a member and shall have voting  rights. Any member of the Sloan-Hendrix Public Schools staff and faculty  may be a member and shall have voting rights.

Section 2. Dues, if any will be established by the  active officers, which include the President, Vice President, Treasure,  and Secretary. If dues are charged, the member must have paid the dues  at the previous meeting to have a voting right. Only paid members will  have a right to vote.


3. Playground Carports

  • Proposed carport at the elementary playground.
  • We will vote on this in January, when we have more   information. We are in need of prices. Suggested: Imboden Feed Store for pricing.
  • Sell ornaments to raise our part in the Kindergarten Playground   Carport.
  • It was suggested to use funds from Terra Cycle in the spring for part of a carport   as well.


4. Elementary Trees

  • Mrs. Duncan’s Class planted a crab apple tree with the money from   the PTE. The tree has been named Miss Crabby Apple.


5. Fundraising

  • Signature Fundraising Spring Packet and a Movie Night   Packet came through mail
  • Both looked at by the members.
  • It was decided not to use Signature Fundraising due   to the similarities in last year’s spring packet.
  • Pom Poms: Melanie Stephens, Chris Murphy, and Amanda Stallings sold pom poms at the Homecoming basketball game. Melanie Stephens volunteered to sell pom poms on   Mon. Nov.18th at the home basketball game.


New Business

1. Canned Food Drive

  • The annual food drive for the school will take place   from November 18th –November 23rd.
  • The cans collected from the PTE Food Drive will be   added to this collection.


2. December Meeting

  • Discuss our yearly progress.

3. Ornament Sale

  • Money will be used for a carport in the kindergarten   playground
  • Pre-order flyers can go out asap
  • Motion made by Terri Smith: Seconded by Cheryl Hufstedler to sale the ornaments and to price them at $5.


4. Gutters

  • The gutters attached to the preschool and the computer lab is in need of repair. Water spills on to the walkway that is supposed to protect the students during the rain.
  • It was decided that the PTE needed to determine a   cost on the gutter project.
  • Mr. Ring will use his contacts to determine a cost.
  • Amanda Stallings will take individual votes from   the members present at this meeting concerning this project when a price is giving so it could possibly be done during Christmas Break.


5. Motion Lights

  • A motion was made by Tammie Bradley: Seconded by   Bobbie Duncan to purchase two motion lights for the outside of the Parent   Center.


Meeting adjourned 6:48pm

Before the business portion of the meeting, PTE Members  organized the closets in the parent center. The closets are very organized  and spaces now. Thank you.

Next Meeting; December 16th 2013 in Sloan-Hendrix  Library at 6pm, Vice President April Rainwater will manage this meeting.