We had our first “Mystery Reader” Friday! Rebecca Jones, Lauren Jones grandmother, read to the

students a book about night animals, called “While You Are Sleeping.” It was a super cute book and

went right along with our common core unit about animals. Thank you Mrs. Jones, the students truly

enjoyed it and the veterans pencils you gave them.

Last week we wrapped up our Amazing Animal unit by writing an informative piece about our favorite

animal. The students used nonfiction texts and did research on the internet to gather some facts about

their animal. They were to have a good topic sentence, supply at least 3 facts, and provide a good

closure. They did a fantastic job. For their animal illustration, the students cut out shapes to create

their animal similar to the way Henry Matisse created his famous artwork, “The Snail.” They also had to

discuss the steps it took to create their animal during our shared explanatory writing lesson. We also got

a surprise visit from Mrs. Becky Foreman’s super sweet miniature horses! The students absolutely loved

them! What a great way to wrap up our unit! Thank you, Mrs. Foreman!