Sloan-Hendrix PTE Meeting   Minutes for October 21, 2013

The meeting was  called to order by President, Amanda Stallings at 6:00pm.

Old  Business


  1. Treasure, Terri Smith read the Pom Pom Expense and Profit Report, New Welcome Kit Expense Report, and  Middle School Landscape Expense Report
    • Terri Smith made a motion to repay Amanda Stallings $131.03 for landscape expenses, Bobbi Duncan   seconded.



  1. Outdoor Classroom Project


    • Amanda Stallings has asked several people at Sloan-Hendrix to be on   the Funding Committee.   These people include:  Mitch Walton, Deanna Adams, Becky Foremen,   and Terri Smith. Deanna Adams has possibly recruited Hayden Morrison.
    • Deanna Adams attended   a workshop through the Arkansas Game and Fish for an up to $5,000 Grant.
    • The first   step in this grant would be to know where the land boundaries are.
    • Candi Yarbro mentioned   another grant. The grant needed to know what kind of habitat the school   would be interested in.
    • Amanda Stallings   as created a survey for the teachers with Mitch Walton’s permission this will go out soon.
    • To be eligible   for the Farm Bureau grant a Farm Bureau board member, Agricultural Teacher   and a conservationist need to be on a Site Development Committee.    Joe Wallis has been asked to be on this committee.
    • Amanda Stallings   also wanted to make the PTE’s part in the outdoor classroom very clear. The PTE can help with donations,   volunteers, and use our non-profit status to get grants. The PTE will   not be the leader on this project. The school needs to be.

3.  Bi-Laws

      •  A motion   was made by Amanda Stallings for Article 1 in the bi-laws to be as followed

The  name of this organization shall be the Sloan-Hendrix Parents and Teachers  for Education (SH PTE). The motion was seconded by April Rainwater.


New Business

  1. Middle   School Landscape Project
    • The school has thanked the PTE tremendously for the new landscape     in front of the Middle School Building.
    • Landscape work days, Sept. 18th, Sept. 23th, Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th, Oct. 14th, Oct. 21st, Oct. 22nd
    • Amanda Stallings picked up the mulch from Mill Creek Gardens, and     the shrubs from Lowes. In the wait for the landscape timbers, Amanda     Stallings used hers from home.
    • We had enough supplies to landscape the side of the building as well.
    • The PTE would like to thank students that helped, Girl Scout Skylia Lester 4 hours of     service, Hunter Stallings 4 hours of service, Girl Scout Adra Scales 2.25 hours of service and Jake Stallings for his 10 minutes of service.
    • The PTE would also like to thank the teachers at Sloan-Hendrix Public     Schools for helping; Amanda Stallings 10 hours of service, Kathy Harpole 3.5 hours of service, Stacy Wilson 2 hours of service, Bobbi Duncan     1.5 hours of service, and Janna Powell 1.25 hours of service.
    • The PTE would also like to thank parents/grandparents Kathy and Dennis Lester for their 2 hours of service, Ada Stallings for her 1 hour of service     and Kristie Stallings for her 10 minutes of service.


  1. Pom   Poms
    • The     PTE poms poms went over well. Amanda Stallings and her 7th grade class separated the pom poms that were preordered.
    • April     Rainwater delivered them to the classrooms on Oct 17th.
    • 5     volunteers sold pom poms at the Black and Gold games Oct 17th. Bobbi     Duncan, Kathy Harpole, Jennifer Grisham, Jennifer Dail, and Lisa Hill.
    • 3   volunteers collected cans at the Black and Gold games Oct 17th, Candi Yarbro, Becky   Foremen, and Amanda Stallings. 188 cans were collected by the community.   Thank you.
    • Melanie   Stephens agreed to help sell the pom poms at the Maynard basketball   game on Oct 21.


  1. Canned   Food Drive
    • 188   can were collected from the community
    • The   PTE would like to thank anyone who donated a canned food, the Sloan-Hendrix   Cafeteria for saving boxes, and Mr. Keough for the use of his room, and setting up tables and chairs for the pom pom sale and canned food drive.
    • Canned   food will be given to the Methodist Church after the school does the canned food collection in November.


  1. New   Student Welcome Kits
    • Tammy   Bradley, Parent Center Coordinator made copies of several papers need   for the Welcome Kits.
    • Melanie   Stephen’s GT Students stuffed the New Student Welcome Kits and delivered them   to the classrooms.
    • Thank   you Mrs. Stephen’s and GT Students for all of you hard work.





  1. November Meeting
    • Amanda Stallings e-mailed Greg Scheideman at Signature Fundraising to be a guest speaker at the November meeting.   He was unable to make it, but intended on sending someone in his place.


6.  Kindergarten  Playground

    • Mrs. Adams has proposed that the PTE pay for half of a carport to   put in the Kindergarten area.
    • The PTE decided we need more information from the Kindergarten teachers.   For example, Mr. Walton’s approval, where the carport is coming from and a price.
    • The PTE decided that when we were given a price we would vote to donate   the money, but not be responsible for getting price, Mr. Walton’s approval,   or the construction of the carport.


7. Elementary  Trees

    • There is a need for shade on the elementary playground.
    • Amanda Stallings sent an e-mail to the elementary teachers asking   if they wanted a tree.
    • The grades will be responsible for getting the tree at Lowes, getting   with Mr. Keough for the best place to plant, care, and maintenance.
    • Lowes has a 1 year guarantee on all of their plants.
    • The 4th grade, 3rd grade, 2nd grade, and 1st grade confirmed they wanted a tree.
    • A motion was made by Amanda Stallings to donate $25 for each grade   wanting a tree and seconded by Kathy Lester.


8. Parent Involvement

    • Flyers went out to the parents on Parent-Teacher Conference night.
    • Thank you to all the teachers who took time to explain the PTE.


9. Coat Drive

    • The PTE decided to wait to see if the school in is need a coats before   having a coat drive.

10. Fundraisers Mentioned

    • Amanda Stallings started designing Christmas ornaments.
    • Luricka Anderson took information on a Family Movie Night home to do more research.


Meeting adjourned 6:20pm

After the business portion of the meeting, Tammy Bradley and April  Rainwater taught the PTE members how to make paper poppies. Several  poppies were made. The paper poppies are for Mrs. Deshazo’s Veteran’s  Day Program on November 11, 2013. The PTE would like to thank everyone  who took time to help.

Next Meeting;  Nov.18st, 2013 in Sloan-Hendrix Library at 6pm