On Wednesday, Deputies from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office  visited the Lawrence County Cooperative School in Portia to begin Red Ribbon  Week. Ribbons were delivered by ATOD Coordinator Debbie Burton earlier to all  schools in Lawrence County to be worn in observance of Red Ribbon Week, October  23rd through October 31st.
In addition to a program on drug awareness, school officials  requested a program on bullying. K9 Officer Kyle Craig spent time with the adult  students explaining the dangers of both drug use and bullying. The students were  very receptive and responded with lots of questions and comments.
Also while on the campus, teachers with the younger students ask  Officer Craig if he’d take the time to show the children patrol cars. Officer  Craig took the time to show the children a patrol car and his K9 unit, including  lights and sirens.
Officers will visit all the Lawrence County schools during Red  Ribbon Week. For more information on the Lawrence County ATOD visit www.lawrencecountyarkansas.com/atod-coalition-of-lawrence-county
For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit  www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com
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