On September 12, 2013 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Keith Collins (24) of Hoxie for theft by receiving.

The arrest comes after a Lynn area resident contacted the Sheriff’s Office about a 4-wheeler he had some concerns with. The Lynn resident had a boat that he had for sale and Collins

brought a 4-wheeler to the boat owner and offered to trade. Collins left the 4-wheeler for the boat owner to look at. The boat owner noticed that the ignition wires had been cut and said he had a bad

feeling about the 4-wheeler. The boat owner contacted the Sheriff’s Office to come out and look at the wheeler, a Honda Rancher. Investigators with the Sheriff’s Office went out and looked at the 4-
wheeler. It was determined that the 4-wheeler was stolen out of Sharp County.

The Sharp County Sheriff’s Office was contacted to come to the Lynn area to look at the 4-wheeler. Sharp County confirmed that the 4-wheeler had been stolen from Sharp County. The information gathered during the investigation was used to obtain a warrant for Collins.

Collins was placed under arrest and held in the Lawrence County Jail for a bond hearing. Bond was set at $5,000 and a Circuit Court date of September 30 was issued.