On September 03, 2013 the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office arrested Gary Collins , age 23, of Williford on charges of sexual assault. The arrest comes from an investigation by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division.

A mother of a 15 year old female reported to the child abuse hotline that her daughter had been having sex with Collins. The mother had found Facebook messages between the two and questioned her daughter about the relationship. Investigators spoke with the mother and the daughter.

The 15 year old told investigators that she had been in a sexual relationship with Collins.

Investigators contacted Collins. Collins declined to speak with the investigators.

The information was presented to the Judge and a warrant was issued for Collins.

Collins was contacted about the warrant and turned himself in to Lawrence County Deputies. Collins was

transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond hearing.


Update: Gary Collins went before Judge Marshall on September 5th, he was issued a September 30th court date and bond was set at $2500.00 . Collins posted bond and was released by the Lawrence County Jail.