WELCOME Back to School!! Our first day of school was GREAT!!! Mrs. Grisham welcomed 16 Sensational 2nd graders on Monday morning.  We began our week by reading the story, First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg and a poem The First Day of School by Judith Voirst.  Students made several connections to the main character.  We made a list of “What if’s…” that we were worried about before we got to school. Then we drank “Jitter Juice” to help make the butterflies settle down.

Mrs. Grisham is so excited to have such a SENSATIONAL bunch of smart 2nd Graders…. We were very busy the rest of the week.  Students were learning classroom procedures and rules.  We decided there were LOTS of procedures and rules to follow so we pledged to do our best to make our classroom a community of friends.  Our Read Alouds were all about how everyone is unique and special in our own ways.  These stories started wonderful conversations about how we should respect and treat each other how we would like to be treated.

We jumped right into our Phonetic Connections word study with a review of word patterns learned in 1st grade. In math, we started our Every Day Counts Calendar Math of a morning and Singapore Math in the afternoon. We have taken our PreTest and we’re ready to get to work on Numbers to 100!!!

Get ready to have the best year ever!!!



Photo features- Students  Heather Simington, Georgie Scales, Cadee Johnson and Ashten Ragsdale are happy to be back in school.

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