On July 8th at 6:56 pm,a Deputy from the Lawrence County Dispatch  was sent to Lynn to investigate a possible assault. Once on scene at a residence  located behind the Lynn Supermarket the Deputy spoke with family members who  advised the Deputy that a 15 year old boy had been assaulted by another family  member.
The Deputy then spoke with the juvenile who confirmed the story  stating that he had been hit in the head by his uncle after attempting to stop  an argument between the uncle and another family member. The Deputy then spoke  with the uncle who also admitted to the Deputy that after the juvenile tried to  defuse an argument, he struck the juvenile. The suspect was identified as Walter  A. Morgan of Lynn, Morgan was cited for his involvement.
Before the Deputy was clear from that incident, another call came  in reporting an assault with a weapon, the Deputy then responded to Strawberry  where he took another report of an assault committed by the same person,  according to the complainant identified as Jeremy Goforth. Morgan allegedly  struck Mr. Goforth with a baseball bat after some type of disagreement. The  second assault reportedly took place at the same place as the  first.
Morgan was asked about the second reported assault, he admitted to  that offense as well. The Deputy took Walter A. Morgan into custody and he was  charged with 1st Degree Battery with the purpose of causing serious physical  injury. Morgan was transported to the Lawrence County Jail to await a bond  hearing.
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