It’s beginning to look a lot like summer! Time for flip-flops, swimming, going to the lake, and BBQ’s!

Here are a few of summer fun ideas for our readers.

1. Picnic at a local park
2. Walk barefoot through the grass.
3. Plant a garden or grow a mini garden in pots on your porch with tomatoes, flowers, peppers, and more!
4. Catch lightning bugs in a mason jar.
5. Make your own popsicles , fresh squeezed lemonade, or make sun tea.
6. Give your dog/pet a bath outside.
7. Create a sidewalk mural with chalk.
8. Make a playlist of your favorite summer songs.
9. Go to a flea market or farmers market one weekend.
10. Learn how to can your own pickles or salsa.
11. Run through a sprinkler.
12. Hang your clothes outside to dry.
13. See a local baseball game.
14. Plan a summer BBQ or pool party with friends.
15. Go fishing or hiking.
16. Visit the local library.
17. Blow bubbles.
18. Make a craft like a sun catcher, wind chime , bracelet, or decorate a pair of flip-flops.
19. Buy a watermelon from a roadside stand.
20. Help plan a family vacation or reunion.