IMG_0064On Thursday, April 25, Lawrence Health Services provided free sports physicals to student athletes from
Hoxie and Walnut Ridge schools.

“Many of the kids might not even get to participate in school sports if it weren’t for the free physicals,”
said Hoxie Coach Tom Sears. “We would like thank Lawrence Health for providing this service and hope it
continues to do so in the future.”

The exams included height, weight, vision, pulse, blood pressure and scoliosis screenings and were
performed on 271 students from both schools.

“The services that Lawrence Health provides are sincerely appreciated,” said Coach Larry Treadway
of Walnut Ridge. “We cannot thank them enough for their willingness to help our student athletes in
Lawrence County by organizing these physicals.”

Staff members from Lawrence Memorial Hospital and Family Medical Center who assisted with the
physicals include Samantha Hatfield, MD, Mary Meyer, APN, Sherry Wynn, APN, LaChelle Burns, RN,
Sherry Ezell, LPN, Linda Harris, LPN, Darlene Pearson, Jenny Bruce, Shelly Nunnally and Shirley Murphy.

Physicals for student athletes at Black Rock, Hillcrest and Sloan-Hendrix schools will be scheduled for
later in the summer.


Samantha Hatfield, MD checking heart rate of Walnut Ridge athlete Olivia Green during the free sports
physicals offered by Lawrence Health Services on Thursday, April 25.