Saturday morning, 245 confirmed volunteers and 20 plus Law  Enforcement Officers met at the Walnut Ridge Police Complex before moving into  the area of Portia and Clover Bend to continue the search for missing 14 year  old Sidney Randall.
As the search is about to enter the third week, the Walnut Ridge  Police Department in a joint effort with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office  organized the second volunteer search since the disappearance of Sidney Randall. 
Along with horse riders, atv riders and searchers, 13 search boats  from all over the State of Arkansas entered the area and searched the entire  area despite the rainy weather. The area of the county searched was an area from  Clover Bend to Portia along the county roads and field roads, boaters, kayaks  and canoes searched Portia Bay, Shirey Bay, several unnamed bodies of water and  the Black River from Spring River to the Jackson County line.
According to organizers, searchers did a well organized search of  the areas. Four search districts were established with three being on land and  one on water. Each area received a mix of horse riders, atv and walkers to clear  the assigned area. Several articles of clothing were discovered  in the area, but none believed to belong to the missing.
The City of Portia opened it’s Community Center up to volunteers  who were served sandwiches, chips and drinks for lunch, thanks to donations  received to feed the volunteers.
Several groups of horses were on hand, including the Lawrence  County Mounted Patrol and the Craighead County Mounted Patrol. Individuals from  as far away and southern Louisiana and Hobart Indiana joined in the search on  Saturday. Search Teams from Randolph County, Lawrence County, Pope County and  fire department members from all across the state mixed with volunteers from  across the state to assist the search efforts.
With the Saturday search complete, organizers will meet again on  Monday to review the maps and decide on organized future searches. Officers from  the WRPD and deputies from the Sheriff’s Office continue each day to follow up  on calls and search areas of interest.
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