Volunteers from all over the state are contacting Lawrence County search organizers in preparation for the large scale search planned for Saturday, as Walnut Ridge Police and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to look for the missing 14 year old from Walnut Ridge, Sidney Randall.

Organizers urge as many volunteers as possible to come to the Walnut Ridge Police Department on Saturday at 9 am, a large scale search of specific areas that include woodlands, farm fields, county roads, lakes, ponds and the Black River are all planned for the search. Volunteers and groups need to register at this time and receive a search packet for specific areas.
If anyone would like to donate ice, bottled water/drinks, or disposable coolers for the Saturday searchers that would be greatly appreciated.

Sheriff’s Deputies were out in the county yesterday following up on possible leads and eliminating areas of interest developed in earlier searches. New missing posters are being distributed throughout the county in hopes of developing any type of tips.

Saturday’s search will be held regardless of weather, volunteers are ask to bring provisions and proper attire for the day.

For information regarding the search, you can call the Lawrence County Search Coordinator at 870-844-2901 .

For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .

For more information on the Walnut Ridge Police Department, visit www.cityofwalnutridge.com .