Volunteers Requested For Weekend Search Efforts In Sidney Randall Case

As the search for missing 14 year old Sidney Randall nears the two week mark, volunteer searchers are being requested for the weekend efforts.

Snow has blanketed the area making a ground search muddy and wet but Texas Equusearch has plans to renew it’s search this weekend.

There have been no new leads or places of interest according to Lawrence County Sheriff Jody. Deputies will still continue to follow up on any information obtained but at this time new information has not come available.

Investigators with the Walnut Ridge Police, Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office and Arkansas State Police have re-examined the area where John Cornell was found dead, the house where Sidney Randall was last scene, the truck belonging to John Cornell as well as re-interviewed the family members others who saw her in the days before she disappeared.

Phone records, computers and debit card information has yet to reveal anything out of the ordinary in what has become a strange mystery. Several articles of clothing collected during the search have not been connected to Sidney at this time.

Sheriff’s Deputies have cleared area after area throughout the county with nothing to report, K-9 alerts by teams brought into the county have also been cleared and yielded nothing. Sonar from the Pocahontas Dive Team has been brought into the county several times as well as sonar from the Texas Equusearch Team, areas searched have shown no signs of the missing teen.

Sheriff Dotson stated that the water searches were conducted in areas that John Cornell was know to frequent and areas where K-9’s alerted. To date, Big Running Water has been waded, dragged and the deep areas such as the Hwy 63 Bridge has has divers clear the creek. Boats were on the Black River from the beginning of the search and have spent countless hours searching it from McEntire Beach all the way to the Dixie Lee Access including the latest search with the Side-Scan Sonar. Portia Bay, Shirey Bay, Clear Lake and Wilson Lake have also been searched by the Sheriff’s Dive Team along with numerous farm ditches and run-off ditches.

At this time the WRPD and Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office continue to work on the case but have nothing new to search.

The Sheriff continues to ask land owners to check their property and report it clear to the Lawrence County Dispatch Center at 870-886-2525.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Sidney Randall send your information to tips@lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com or you can contact either the Walnut Ridge Police Department or the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

For more information on the Walnut Ridge Police Department visit www.cityofwalnutridge.com .

For more information on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, visit www.lawrencecountysheriffsoffice.com .

You can also “Like” the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department on Facebook and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team on Facebook, daily updates have been added to inform the public about the search efforts since the beginning of the Sidney Randall Search.