Wednesday’s Search Yields Possible Clues, But No Answers Yet In Disappearance

K-9’s from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office were brought into Lawrence County today after articles of clothing were found on a field road off Lawrence 500. The K-9 teams were requested by Sheriff Dotson and the Equusearch team. The area of interest was on the Black River next to the county road.

Members of the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Dive Team, Pocahontas Fire Department Dive Team and David Rader of Texas Equusearch launched boats at the Black Rock boat ramp and proceeded down river. According to the K-9 handlers, the dogs demonstrated positive signs in the area adjacent to the same area that clothing articles were found on Tuesday evening.

The Pocahontas Dive Team ran sonar through the area but were not able to locate anything. The positive hits by the K-9’s is not proof positive of a person being in the river, but each lead has to be followed up on and ruled out before searchers move on.

Texas Equusearch has requested another sonar search of the area, more sonar equipment is being brought in from New Orleans tonight. Searchers will resume the search on the Black River tomorrow. Other volunteers were in the county today, searching by walking and ATV’s.

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