The search for missing 14-year-old Sidney Randall continues in  Lawrence County. Texas Equusearch volunteers have joined the Walnut Ridge Police  and Lawrence County Sheriff’s investigation into the missing  youth.
Sidney Randall was last seen at her residence in Walnut Ridge by  her mother, Denise Cornell, around 10 pm on Saturday night.  Denise Cornell awoke in the  early Sunday morning hours to find her daughter, Sidney Randall and Sidney’s stepfather, John Cornell, missing from the residence. The  mother stated that she had called the local hospital and 911 reporting the  disappearance .   The stepfather returned alone to the residence later  that morning (reported asking Denise Cornell why she was up), the mother then stated that Sidney was missing. John Cornell reportedly replied “bull**** and then said he would go to the police station , he then left the residence in his red ford truck.  John Cornell never returned home or contacted authorities of Sidney’s disappearance.
  Authorities in Lawrence County  began a massive search for John Cornell and Sidney Randall, giving descriptions  of the 2000 Red Ford Ranger, asking the public to be on the lookout.  No signs of a struggle were seen at the home and both Cornell and Sidney’s cell phones and Cornell’s laptop computer were still at the residence.  Sidney was last seen wearing a brown aeropostale hoodie but no other clothing descriptions were given.  (Denise Cornell made several statements that Sidney would not have left the home willingly or without her cosmetics and also that her husband, John Cornell had become increasingly possessive of Sidney, restricting her time with friends and her phone. ) 
 Monday  afternoon, Sheriff Dotson and Walnut Ridge Police received a call reporting a  vehicle matching the description of Mr. Cornell’s truck  on a field road just off Lawrence 438.  Officers arrived to find the truck and John Cornell’s body. Cornell was located  behind the truck some 200 yards with an apparent self-inflicted gun shot to the  head. Investigators from the Arkansas State Police joined the investigation,  Cornell was found to be laying on top of the weapon, the 45 caliber pistol that  was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for testing.
The investigation into the missing youth was centered around the  area in which the stepfather’s body was located, the truck belonging to John  Cornell has yet to reveal many  clues according to Sheriff Dotson. Cornell  was discovered wearing shorts, t-shirt and work boots at the time of his death.  The victims hat and glasses were on the ground beside the body. There were no  apparent signs of Sidney Randall in the truck, the truck has since been  re-examined by police. Authorities do know that Sidney Randall had been in the  truck as recently as Saturday.  Sheriff Dotson stated that no blood was found in the truck.
A Morgan Nick Amber alert was issued for Sidney Randall on March 11th, 2013.

Sidney Nicole Randall –Age and/or DOB: 7/15/1998 Missing Date: 3/9/2013 Missing Time: 10:00 pm Missing from City: Walnut Ridge, AR Missing from County: Lawrence Sex: Female Race: White Height: 5’04″ Weight: 85 lbs Hair: brown hair/long Eyes: green  Sidney has braces. Complexion is described as: Unknown Circumstances Her safety is feared.

John Cornell was an avid outdoorsman and frequented several spots  on local lakes and hunting habitats throughout Lawrence County, authorities have  compiled a list of these places and search them with no results. The area of  Running Water Creek was searched and re-searched by the Lawrence County Dive  Team, deputies have also used ATV’s to travel the banks of Running Water Creek.  As soon as the body of John Cornell was discovered in the location, a helicopter from the Arkansas State Police  was brought in for an air search. Since then, numerous air units have searched  not only Running Water but a large portion of the county.
A county-wide message was sent through the media for property  owners to search their property and report findings to the Lawrence County  Dispatch by Sheriff Dotson to help in the search efforts. K-9 searches have been  conducted using several dozen dogs and handlers throughout the county with no  results.
On Wednesday, the Lawrence County Dive Team will accompany two K-9  units from Shelby County to search another portion of the Black River after dogs  alerted on Tuesday evening, Texas Equusearch will be joining the  team.
Sheriff Dotson still urges the public to report any sighting of  John Cornell last weekend to the Sheriff’s Investigators.
Anyone with any valid information in this case who might provide clues concerning John Cornell or Sidney Randall should contact : (870) 886-2525.