Volunteers arrived at the Walnut Ridge Fire Department on Saturday  to organize a search for missing 14 year old Sidney Randall. As the search  approaches the one week mark since she was last seen, investigators have ruled  out hundreds of leads and are still in the process of following up on  others.
According to Sheriff Dotson, no new credible leads have come in but  Sheriff’s Deputies continue to comb the field roads in Lawrence County. Along  with several dozen law enforcement officers, volunteers , ASP Helicopter, private  planes, ATV’s, Horses, several boats, divers, several K-9 teams, HumVees and  countless other vehicles have traveled trails, roads, ditches, rivers and  streams in hopes of finding the missing girl.
Investigators have interviewed friends, family, classmates,  searched phone and computer records, viewed surveillance video from businesses,  and attempted to clear every lead that has come in. The case has become a mystery with few clues  but searchers continue with the hopes of putting closure to this  case.
The Walnut Ridge Police Department has been the Command Center of  the ongoing operation, morning briefings have become the norm with investigators  from the Arkansas State Police, Walnut Ridge Police and Lawrence County  Sheriff’s Office passing on information and tips to the  searchers.