Thursday searchers from Walnut Ridge Police, Lawrence County  Sheriff’s Deputies, Arkansas State Parks, Sheriff’s Dive Team and others  continued their search in Lawrence County for missing 14 year old Sidney  Randall.
Sheriff’s Deputies on ATV’s conducted searched of areas in the  Smithville area, exhausting every possible tip or lead before moving to other  areas in the county. A map has been established and put on the Sheriff’s website  and our Facebook page to show areas that have been covered by  searches.
The Sheriff’s Dive Team along with members of the Pocahontas Fire  Department Dive Team and Arkansas State Parks set up at the Running Water Bridge  located on Hwy 63 between Portia and Hoxie. Several calls have been made  concerning the area, Sheriff Dotson and Chief Thatcher both requested the area  be cleared by divers. The dive team cleared around half of the area today and  will return and complete the dives tomorrow of the area. Divers encountered  depths of around 18 to 20 feet in the search today and have measured the  remaining depth on the south side of the bridge which is 30 to 35 feet deep  according to measurements.
Tomorrow the Pocahontas Fire Department Dive Team is bringing a  boat with sonar to search the Clear Lake, Wilson Lake and areas of the Black  River. The Lawrence County Dive Team boat will be with the Pocahontas Dive Team  assisting.
A map highlighted  with  yellow for the searched areas was posted on the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page today and an updated map later this afternoon with more areas that have been covered.
Sheriff Dotson is still urging property owners to check their  property and report it to the Lawrence County Dispatch, these areas will then be  cleared on the map as secure. Deputies will continue to work through the night  in hopes of finding Sidney Randall.
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