Tuesday, members of the Walnut Ridge Police Department, Lawrence  County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas State Police, Black Rock Police, Walnut Ridge  Fire Department, Arkansas State Parks and Arkansas Game And Fish met at the  Walnut Ridge Police Complex to begin the search for missing Sidney Randall,  missing since Saturday night.
Lawrence County Dispatch took calls all throughout the night with tips  about the possible whereabouts, those that were able to be followed up on by  deputies and police officers through the night were handled, others had to wait  until first light.
Walnut Ridge Officers responded to several areas in and around  Walnut Ridge throughout the day while Deputies from the Lawrence County  Sheriff’s Office with the use of several ATV’s and UTV’s checkrd out other  possible leads in the county. Officers traveled traveled the length of Running  Water Creek from Lawrence 516 all the way to Lawrence 438.
Member’s of the Sheriff’s Dive and Recovery Team, assisted by Black  Rock and Hoxie Officers began the task of dragging and wading the Running Water  Creek from north of the crime scene all the way to Hwy 63. Throughout the day,  deputies and city officers received tips and those locations had to be searched  and ruled out. The Sheriff’s Boat was launched in the Black River early Tuesday  morning after receiving a tip that a vehicle matching the description of the  suspect vehicle was seen in the area of Lawrence 500 and 501.
The American Red Cross set up the Walnut Ridge Police Complex to  feed searchers from all over the state that have converged on Walnut Ridge to  assist in the search. Nothing turned up in Tuesday’s search but according to  sources, the search will resume Wednesday with the hopes of new tips  overnight.
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