On a cold, February 23, 2013, the Lawrence County 4-H Livestock Club held a concession stand at
the Shorthorn Fundraiser and the Cavemen Classic Cattle Show. Several local businesses donated to
the club: 7-Up, Farm Service of Walnut Ridge, Greenway of Walnut Ridge, Walmart of Walnut Ridge
and Pocahontas, Hay’s of Walnut Ridge, M&M Sales of Imboden, Imboden Medical Pharmacy, Frit
Industries, and Sloan-Hendrix Schools. Logan Ivy, Hunter Stallings, Dakota Jones, Mattie Anthony Emily
and Alyson Woodard worked hard filling orders, learning to make change, wrapping hamburgers and
hot dogs, making hot cocoa, and filling coffee cups. Dakota Jones, Emily and Alyson Woodard all worked
in between showing their cattle. Mary Jones, Carolyn Alle, Amanda and Schad Stallings were all adult
volunteers who help the 4-her’s run the concession stand. With the help of the local business the club
profited $600.

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